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Our confetti and streamers are great for all events, including weddings, New Years Eve, concerts, birthdays, graduations and any other big event in your life!

Create a wonderful memory for you and your guests on your wedding day. Our unique wedding confetti makes a great alternative to the traditional ride or rose pedals. Wedding Confetti also makes for elegant and fun wedding decor.

Our ready to use confetti tubes come filled with white "Flutter FETTI" Confetti. Let your guest join in the fun, with a simple flick of the wrist they can surround you with a beautiful display of magical fun that will fly out of the tube as high as 12' high into the air!

Flutter Fetti Flicker Confetti Launchers start as low as $1.58
Load tube with Confetti/Streamers as low as $6.44
Continuous Flow Confetti Gerb Launcher as low as $1,968.00
Flutter Fetti Loose/Bulk Confetti as low as $9.96
Die Cut Confetti as low as $31.19
Streamers as low as $2.49
Co2 Launchers as low as $95.00

In addition, we dip our tissue and metallic PVC film in a flame-retardant solution to ensure safety.
Toll Free: 877-321-1999

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