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Valentino Ferreira


Los Angeles, CA
About All Access Staffing ~ The Martini Shop

We offer full beverage catering for parties and events throughout the greater LA area. We have full liquor insurance and are ABC licensed and insured. All of our bartenders are pure professionals that possess a strong background in the restaurant business, complete knowledge of Classic Cocktails, and a unique and well trained serving style. Our bar and wait staff possess a minimum of two years restaurant and catering experience, extensive knowledge of all types of food service and friendly personalities.

We are up to date with all of the latest trends when it comes to Mixology and flair bartending. The Martini Shop brings your own personal mixologist to your private party and special event!

The mixology service includes fresh juices, herbs and spices to create unique cocktails. All of our packages include: 
Ice, Water, Soda, soft drinks, beverage napkins, Stir sticks and condiments and infusions.

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