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Valerie Lufsey


Washington D.C., VA
About Blue Ribbon Restroom Trailers

Renter of the best upscale restroom and shower trailers on the market today. From the moment you step inside one of their premium trailers you'll think you've entered another world or perhaps the bathroom of an upscale New York apartment. These bathrooms are beautiful and come with full sinks, decor and premium toilets all selected for their aesthetic value and functionality. You wont believe you just stepped into a rental bathroom trailer. They have handicapped accessible trailers too along with separate mens and womens facilities to offer you every function a bathroom should have and more!

Their bathrooms feature airconditioned and heated enclosures along with unisex and male/female options available. Their trailers feature marble sinks with running water, skylight and a slew of different lighting options, Radio and CD Players, and of course reading material for those long trips to the bathroom. Their specialty shower trailers feature 8 mens and womens shower stalls with a total of 4 sinks. Their Imperial standard model has 2 separate private bathrooms with the mens side featuring a private stall, urinal and corian sink with the womens side have the same without the urinal. Their Imperial Upgraded model has the same features as the Imperial standard but is more spacious! Their Royale model features beautiful modern accommodations and looks like the bathrooms you would find in a hotel with 2 stalls and 2 marble sinks in the female portion and 3 urinals 1 stall and 1 marble sink on the male side. Their Regal model has all the features of the royale but with 2 extra stalls on the womens side and an additional one of the male side in the same ultra modern beautiful setup that has set their royale and regal models apart from the competition. Their mini model features the beautiful styling of their Royale models but is extremely compact and features womens and mens accommodations.

For the most beautiful bathroom accommodations available on the market today call now and request a quote on different models. They'll be happy to conform their services towards you budget and should always have bathroom trailers available for your event. Delivery does take a little time so be sure to call atleast 4-5 days before the date of your event to ensure they'll be able to fully accommodate you.

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